FS5 Sample Cassettes Undergo Facelift | Edinburgh Instruments

FS5 Sample Cassettes Undergo Facelift

Edinburgh Instruments is excited to share the latest upgrades to our FS5 Sample Cassettes range. The easy-to-use cassettes see improvements that provide users ease of access, and time-saving features that makes operation more straightforward.

With the use of a new, harder wearing material, the cassettes are not only lighter and more robust, but have a smoother finish that make for visually noticeable improvements.

Our cassettes include a ‘Plug n Play’ feature that allows our Fluoracle Software to automatically recognise which cassette is being used. This reduces the complexity in the user interface and ensures ease of operation.

Another new feature is the quick release function located on the top of the cassettes. The addition of this button saves the user time, and provides ease of use.

For further information, or to request pricing, please contact sales@edinst.com.