Edinburgh Instruments Celebrates the Production of 1000th EPL Laser

Edinburgh Instruments (EI) is pleased to announce its 1000th production of the EPL picosecond pulsed diode lasers. Introduced in 2005, the EPL lasers were designed as an excitation source to use with EI’s spectrometers, and continue to make improvements from year to year.

Over the last 12 years EI has added new wavelengths, and as the company has grown, so has the output from the laser lab. The new wavelengths have allowed for wavelength coverage from UV to NIR wavelengths.

The EPL lasers combine cost efficiency and high performance, and in the last year EI has added extra pulse repetition frequencies and external trigger input. These robust, maintenance free, and easy-to-operate lasers include redesigned driver boards which have allowed for improved specifications.

The EPL lasers are pre-adjusted for an optimum pulse width, with particular attention paid to reducing any secondary shoulder. They are fitted with integrated bandpass filters to spectrally purify the output.

Roger Fenske, Chief Executive Officer of Edinburgh Instruments, is proud of the efforts that his team continue to put forward, and the global presence that EI has created. “This 1000th unit of our EPL pulsed laser marks a milestone in terms of serving our customers worldwide, as we continue to invest in product development. This marks a terrific reward for the hard work of our team here at Edinburgh Instruments,” says Fenske.

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