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Exciting Order

The second quarter is always a slow one for orders in our sphere, mainly due to the cycle of government funding in the US and Europe. However, just in the last few days we received an order for a thermal ionisation MS from the prestigious Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico. We’re no strangers to them, and it’s really encouraging that they continue to invest in Isotopx. This instrument order was to the tune of just below $1m – which is always a reason to celebrate! 



Busy Installations

This quarter was quite a busy time for installations, particularly with the multiple NGX orders that we took late least year and early this year. In fact, one of our most qualified NGX installation engineers, Gareth, has been out for most of the quarter doing installations. He went pretty much straight from Korea to Alaska to Japan! He’ll be starting his third installation (Japan) later this month. This instrument has a fascinating backstory, being used to determine if the levels of tritium in the cooling water held at the heavily damaged nuclear reactor in Fukushima are low enough for the water to be released back into the sea. 


China and Japan Customer Visits

In other news, Steve Guilfoyle from the sales team is about to embark on a whirlwind tour of China and Japan, supporting our local sales teams in both countries. Whilst in China, Steve will visit customers and prospects in Beijing, Lanzhou, Guangzhou and Shanghai – all in the space of a week! Travel to that part of the world used to be commonplace for quite a few members of staff at Isotopx, in fact you can see in the image below a photo of Steve with CEO Zenon in Japan nearly 20 years ago. So not much has changed, except how much hair they’ve both got!